Peace Country Hedgehogs
For the Love of Hog

Established: 2016
Gallery of our Herd

*Our Gals*

THV *Dyna* HPC


THV *Electra* HPC

Our First Rescue *Harley*
Harley came to us as his loving family due to unforseen issues could no longer provide him with the care and attention he needed. He has been a lovely addition to our family and he is just full of personality. Harley is Not apart of our breeding program as we have no idea of his medical background or lineage.*


THV *Dekker* HPC

THV *Willie G* HPC

Outdoor play can be fun and very enjoyable for hogs and their people but there are dangers. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind when considering taking your spike babies outdoors:

-Poisonous plants
-Predators (birds of prey, cats, dogs etc)