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Frequently Asked Questions

Hedgehogs are an exotic pet and have special needs. This is just a handful of questions that we have been asked and i thought i'd answer some here in this FAQ forum.
  1. Do hedgehogs require a certain temperature for their environment?
    Yes. Hedgehogs Must have a temperature between 24-27 degrees celcius which is 76-80 degrees farenheit to remain safe from going into hibernation. The absolute minimum temperature to keep a hedgehog in is 23 degrees celcius which is 74 degrees fareheit. If a hedgehog goes into full blown hibernation it will not wake up resulting in its death.
  2. What is the average lifespan of an African Pygmy Hedgehog?
    Typically we have been seeing the average lifespan to be 4-6 years with the occasional 7 year old. Proper nutrition, heating, housing, health care and of course knowledge of the hogs past via a pedigree all play a valuable factor in the hogs overall well being and lifespan.
  3. Are hedgehogs nocturnal?
    Yes. Hedgehogs are a nocturnal pet but do not require 24hrs of darkness. They should have normal daylight so it is not neccesary to cover their homes during the day to keep light out. Their sleep must be respected, not to be woken up several times during the day just to be handled.
  4. Should i get a wheel for my hedgehog to run in?
    Yes. Hedgehogs Must have an appropriate wheel to run in as they have been documented to run upto 5 miles per night. An appropriate wheel must consist of a solid surface and be atleast 11-12 inches in diameter. Absolutely NO open grated wheels! They can get their nails, toes and even legs caught and either ripped out or broken. Flying saucer wheels are not reconmended as there has been several studies proving they can negatively affect a hedgehogs spine. A bucket wheel rather a DIY project or ordered of atleast 10 inches in diameter is reconmeded and preferred by most. The XL comfort wheel can be used.
  5. Do hedgehogs need to be kept in pairs?
    No. Hedgehogs are solitary animals and do not require to be kept in pairs or in a colony. In fact they prefer to be kept by themselves and have been known to injure or even kill another hog if put in with others. The possibility to keep two females from the same litter or same age together is there. However you must be aware that issues may arise and you should have alternate housing available at all times. Two males regardless of age or relation should Not be kept together. Under absolutely NO circumstances should a male and female be housed together Or have any form of contact. PCH will Not sell opposite sex hogs to a customer or multiple customers in the same household.
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