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Established: 2016
Hedgehog Care Tips

Handling your hedgehog atleast 30 minutes a day to socialize and bond is very important. Some hogs prefer two 15 minute sessions instead of a full 30 minutes straight. Just remember to give your new hog a couple days to adjust and get used to its new surroundings.

10 Care Tips




An appropriate hog sized and safe enclosure (no aquariums/terrariums, avoid horizontal cage bars if possible, use coroplast to cover any bars to prevent climbing injuries.) If using a bin go no smaller than 105qt. C&C cages can be customized and should be 2 by 3.
A bucket wheel. Sturdy and easily cleaned as well as safe for your hedgies spine and feet. The Giant Comfort wheel can also be used. Wheel must be 10"-12" in diameter. No open grate wheels, saucer styles or any other type that has openings for little nails, toes and legs to get caught in and injured or worse.
A high quality cat food kibble mix of 2 or 3 brands. You want to ensure your hog is getting proper nutrition. A fat level should be 14% and under and protein under mid 30's. Too high fat could cause fatty liver disease as well as an obese hog. We use Summit Original and Fromm Mature Gold as our house blend. 




Hedgehog safe bedding such as non pill fleece, kiln dried aspen or kiln dried pine shavings (NO CEDAR), Boxo or carefresh can also be used. Keep an eye on your hedgehogs "parts" for any material getting stuck which could cause infections or other health issues. Freeze all bedding for 24hrs to kill off anything that may be lurking such as mites.
A safe source of heat. Hedgehogs need to be kept with temperatures from 24-27 degrees celcius. 23 degrees celcius is the absolute minimum temperature. Regulated room temperature and also a space heater unit to ensure a proper temp using a thermostat.
A sturdy and secure carrier for travel such as annual vet trips. Taking your hedgehog in your vehicle requires keeping them warm and safe. A small animal carrier, cat crate or hedgehog specific material bags are all good safe options.



Toys. Hedgehogs are very curious and love clutter. Playing with toys keeps them physically active and mentally stimulated. Cat crinkle balls or plastic balls with the bells inside are popular. You can take an empty toilet paper roll and cut it lengthwise. Cutting it in that manor allows it to open and not get your hog stuck in it. Large igloos, tree trunks and living world domes are great for huts. Many fleece tunnels, houses and liners can be viewed and purchased from Crystal at Cozy Cavy Creations on Facebook.
Food and water dishes. We use the ceramic ergonomic bowls in size small as well as 5ounce stainless steel coop bowls. These do not tip and have a smooth surface making them easy to clean and disinfect. The ergonomic design of the ceramic bowls allows for easier access without having to go in the bowl or stretching excessively. Mount the stainless steel bowls on the lowest level possible. Water bottles can also be used if there is no spring loaded ball. Just make sure you can properly clean and disinfect all parts and areas of the bottle including the nozzle. We use both but prefer the 2.5 gallon free flow waterers which we use with our fleece liners only.



Hygiene. Baby type nail clippers for nail trimming and Kwik Stop for any quick clips. Also flour or cornstarch works as well. Baby Aveeno oatmeal wash for moisturizing and cleansing baths or foot soaks to remove poop boots. A soft toothbrush for cleaning quills and belly fur..use only from a head to tail direction. Never pat or groom a hog against its quills. A warm and soft towel for drying. NEVER put a hedgehog back in its home wet as it could easily catch a chill.

A hedgehog experienced, trusted and fully licensed veterinarian is a must. Health care is a very important part of your hogs life. Having your hedgehog weighed on a weekly basis and documented is a great way to catch weight gain or loss and possible illness. This information is very useful to your vet as well. Any kitchen digital style scale which measures in grams is good. An excessive weight gain or loss can be an indicator that something is wrong and a vet check may be needed. An annual vet exam with a fecal matter test as well as a preventative dose of puppy/kitten Revolution is highly recommended. Remember..NEVER give a hedgehog INVERMECTIN!!