Peace Country Hedgehogs
For the Love of Hog

Established: 2016
Canadian Made: Hedgehog Holistics by Melissa Robins
  1. Bath Bombs
    Bath Bombs
    Our hedgehogs absolutely Love these! Makes bath time and nail clipping duty go a lot smoother as they are relaxed from the soothing all natural ingredients including lavender.
  2. Spa Time
    Spa Time
    Harley enjoying his Hedgehog Holistics All Natural Bath Bomb
  3. Content Hedgehog
    Content Hedgehog
    Harley is drying and enjoying some snuggles after his spa time thanks to Hedgehog Holistics.

Cozy Cavy Creations

Canadian Made By Crystal

Please view Cozy Cavy Creations on Facebook at:
This is your 1 stop shop for all your fleece needs. Cozy Cavy Creations specializes in creating custom orders for their customers. Check out there many beautifully made, high quality items, oh and don't forget to ask about the PCH start up package!


Custom made to meet your hedgies needs. No loose threads or exposed stitching to catch little nails and toes. Only 100% washable, non-toxic materials are used. Made with sturdy construction means your tunnels won't flop and your huts won't collapse!
Don't see what you're looking for? Just ask! Cozy Cavy Creations is open to new ideas and there's not much at all that Crystal cannot Create! Prints vary and custom fabrics can be arranged.