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For the Love of Hog

Established: 2016
Welcome To Peace Country Hedgehogs
"For the Love of Hog"
We have a small herd of quality hedgehogs with extensive pedigrees which are bred for health and temperament. Our breeding program as well as all of our hogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry and are sold with health guarantees along with proof of fecal matter tests performed by our veterinarian and a preventative dose of puppy/kitten Revolution..

**We Have Hoglets!!**

Upcoming Litters Planned For Fall Of 2018!!
**Currently accepting Hedgehog Adoption Applications and Deposits**


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Who We Are
Peace Country Hedgehogs was established in 2016 by Sara and Brian of Bezanson, Alberta, Canada. Located just minutes from the great river valley of the Smokey river in a quiet and cozy family setting. We began our small selective breeding program to produce healthy, good tempered hedgehogs to have available to approved homes only. Before our hoglets are released to their new families we have a fecal matter test done on each hoglet by our experienced, trusted and of course fully licensed veterinarian as well as a preventative dose of puppy/kitten Revolution. All of our breeding stock hogs and offspring have extensive pedigrees going back atleast 5 generations. Being professional ethical breeders we take our hedgehogs lines and health history very seriously to offer the best we can to our customers. We Do Not practice linebreeding here which essentially is inbreeding. All of our pairings are carefully calculated and monitored closely. Our goal for PCH is to produce True black hogs in the future. We have produced very lovely dark greys and hope to carry on in that direction towards blacks. Unique markings, masking, pintos and reverse pintos are also of high interest to us here. Our breeding program (herd initials HPC) as well as our hedgehogs are registered with the International Hedgehog Registry thru the International Hedgehog Association. We also participate in a private professional and ethical registry under PCHA.

Peace Country Hedgehogs are sold with health guarantees, proof of the veterinarian fecal matter test results and preventative dose of puppy/kitten Revolution. (Please see our Policies/Price page).

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